The Neighborhood

The Tamarack area is located approximately 2.5 miles west of Bear Valley in Highway 4. It is comprised of a cluster of 3 subdivisions named Tamarack Springs, Tamarack Camp and Tamarack Village. Tamarack Camp and Village have dirt roads and above-ground utilities. They are on their own older water system and all cabins are on septic systems.  Many of these cabins date to the 1930’s and 1940’s. Tamarack Springs was developed in the 1980’s and enjoys paved roads and underground utilities.  Tamarack Springs has their own stand-alone modern water system with a new well installed in 2010. All homes are on septic systems.

The greatest snow depth ever recorded in North America was recorded in Tamarack! In January 1911, 390 inches (32.5 feet) of snow fell, leading to a snow depth in March of 451 inches (37.5 Feet). Tamarack also holds the record for greatest seasonal snowfall in the US: during the winter of 1906−1907, it received 883 inches of snow – a whopping 73.5 feet!