At Home in the High Sierra

Imagine living in a place where you truly know your neighbors. Not only do they lend a helping hand, but they also genuinely care about your well-being. You share common interests and passions, supporting each other through life’s challenges.

In this community, celebrations bring everyone together! Whether it’s cheerful picnics, lively BBQs, free community dinners held every week, engaging condo meet-ups, thrilling disc golf tournaments, or spirited soccer matches, there’s always something happening. In Bear Valley, you’ll quickly feel a sense of belonging and find yourself right at home.

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Kids in Bear Valley!

The childhood you wish you could have had!

With the re-opening of the school in 2018, Bear Valley once again became a feasible year round home for families with children in Preschool to K-5!

Busy Bears Preschool offers local children a warm and loving environment where kids play in the snow, walk to the lake or play on the granite boulders. Outdoor time is maximized and art and creative fun are taken very seriously!

Older kids graduated to the school, where a small class of mixed grades are tutored by a teacher and classroom assistant. Classes are outside as much as possible in the summers and focused on nature and learning! Don’t forget the ski trips as part of gym class!


In winter, homes in Bear Valley become snowbound. Residential roads close to car traffic and instead are groomed for snowmobile use! No piles of ugly dirty snow pushed to the road sides, just beautiful white and pristine snow no matter where you look.

Snow transforms Bear Valley! With an average of 30 feet per year, snow management is taken seriously here. Roads become a one way system, parking lots have plowing schedules telling you when to move your car, and we have a full snowmobile parking lot! Curious about conditions? Check out the Skyline Bear Valley Live Base Cam on Youtube, or click the button below.

Ski Home!


- area code 209 -


The Bear Valley Business Association is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting tourism in the Bear Valley area, and to promoting economic vitality, especially in Bear Valley Village.  Representing businesses in and around Alpine County.

BVBA hosts and produces many of the annual special events in town such as Winterfest, the Summer Community BBQ, the Crab Feed, Monte Carlo Night, and the New Year’s Eve fireworks show.  BVBA also sponsors live music in Creekside Park and in the Cathedral Lounge at Bear Valley Lodge. In addition, they provide sponsorship support to the Bear Valley Music Festival, Free Heel Festival, the Bjornloppet Ski Race, the Lake Alpine fish plants, the annual BVPG Derby & County Faire and many other events.  AND sponsor local youth, high school soccer teams and the local men and women’s softball teams.

Recently, BVBA worked with Tesla to install two electric car chargers in Bear Valley Village. The BVBA also installed an 18-hole disc golf course in town. Both are available for use by the public, free of charge. Many other smaller initiatives come out of their well attended monthly meetings.


Bear Valley Residents, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed for the benefit of Bear Valley property owners and to administer the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of the New Subdivision. BVRI owns and maintains two beaches at Bear Lake, publishes a periodic newsletter for members, and represents the interests of Bear Valley residents on a variety of community and local governmental issues.

Dues are just $125 per year per household and gives members (and guests!)

  • Use of Bear Lake for swimming
  • Use of Bear Lake for boating
  • Use of Bear Lake for fishing
  • Voting privileges for electing BVRI Board members (if dues are paid by December 31)
  • Representation at the county level
  • Free use of Lodge pool
  • Annual July 4th picnic!

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Think local! If you want to stay up to date with the news, events and community happenings in Bear Valley there are a few resources all locals know and love!


Community site where neighbors share info, buy and sell items.

Has quirky news but beware the un-managed comments section.

Calaveras Enterprise. The Main newspaper. Online and Print.

The Mountain Chronicle.
A great local resource for events/ arts.

The Cub Reporter.
Residents publication produced in Bear Valley.