Bear Valley Vacation Rentals

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Not ready to buy? Bear Valley Vacation Rentals offers short term vacation rentals all year long.

How we work with owners...

Since 2008 we have been helping owners manage their vacation rentals. Many owners want to rent out a property to help cover costs or because the home is vacant. Finding the time for marketing, maintenance, snow removal, housekeeping, cleaning linens, getting guests to a snowbound home, communicating with clients and troubleshooting problems can be impossible. Many owners on our program tried to manage their vacation rentals themselves before joining our program but found the challenges of managing guest expectations from a distance to be impossible.

  • We provide multi channel marketing
    • Our database is over 8000 strong
    • Social media: Facebook and Instagram
    • Easy to use, live and interactive booking site
    • Additional platforms such as Airbnb
    • We are networked into events such as weddings, music festival etc.
    • Search engines can find us – and your home easily!
  • Housekeeping Team
  • Maintenance Team