The Neighborhood

Peaceful with seasonal streams, huge granite outcroppings and lots of sun, Tamarack (originally known as Onion Valley) is actually 3 small subdivisions and was originally built in the 1930’s.

Fast Facts:

            • Tamarack consists of both dirt roads and paved roads.
            • It has overhead utilities, no architectural controls and a mutual water system.

Record Breaker!

            • The greatest snow depth ever recorded in North America was recorded in Tamarack! In January 1911, 390 inches (32.5 feet) of snow fell, leading to a snow depth in March of 451 inches (37.5 Feet).
            • Tamarack also holds the record for greatest seasonal snowfall in California: during the winter of 1906−1907, it received 883 inches of snow – a whopping 73.5 feet!