I am sitting and writing this staring out a window that usually looks out onto a small forest, then off into the mountains beyond. Today, however, I am staring at a solid wall of snow.

These kinds of storms are rare and even though we are very used to snow here in Bear Valley these larger storms still have the ability to impress. This storm is bringing us around 10 feet of snow in 2 1/2 days. The morning commute involved shovels and showshoes for sure!

This was my front door this morning….

After swimming out and digging out a path to the groomed road (thank you John!) I snowshoed to the where I thought I had left the car. You learn quickly to check BEFORE you dig out that it is indeed your car and not a grateful neighbors!


Bear Valley Ski resort is closed today. They are dealing with extreme avalanche hazards and the lifts are covered! Today they will dig out and I hope people take the end of the storm as a great excuse to and ski some powder!