The Center of it all.

A master planned community nestled in the trees and mountains of the Sierra Nevada.
A warm community, world class skiing on your doorstep and breathtaking pristine wilderness scenery is your backyard.

The Village boasts a choice of restaurants, bars and entertainment. There is both a traditional gas station and an electric car charger station in the village and basic supplies to be had in the General store.

The Neighborhood

Today’s Bear Valley is a master planned community, founded in 1954 by cattleman Bruce Orvis. It was a highway toll station from 1863 to 1910, and for thousands of years before that it was a summer home to the Washo Tribe. The Old Subdivision has dirt roads and no architectural controls. The New Subdivision has paved county roads, underground utilities, and architectural controls. Subdivision roads are not plowed in winter; homeowners and guests park in community lots in the village center and go over the snow to the cabins. There’s a well organized oversnow transport system. Condominiums and shops in the village center area are always accessible by car.

Fast Facts:

426 Single Family Lots
271 Single Family Homes
160 Condominium Units

Fees and Assessments:

Lake Alpine Water Company – Water – $339 Qtr
Bear Valley Water District – Sewer – $229.50 Qtr

Self Contained!

As Markleeville, the official county seat, is cut off from Bear Valley in the Winters we are lucky enough to boast all essential services.

Bear Valley Village is home to the Sheriff and Fire Department, a pre school and elementary school, a large volunteer search and rescue force, Mental health services and more.